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Who We Are

The Earth Experience is driving forward to become the first natural history museum in Middle Tennessee, with a reach throughout the southeast. Our collection of over 100,000 pieces of fossil, bone, gemstones and artisan jewelry, including dinosaur skeletons from species like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops, tell a story of the earth’s history no words can explain.

What We're Building

Vision and commitment to education is the foundation of a great museum, but it is design and a unique collection presented in an awe-inspiring manner that initiates learning as we tell the story of the earth’s natural history.

How You Can Help

A museum is a big project. We’ve started to build a team of volunteers who are passionate about getting this museum up and running, but a project of this proportion needs the support of the community. We are currently looking for in-kind services from those businesses or individuals willing to provide help with accounting, legal and fundraising.

But, what do we need most? Funds. It is estimated to cost in excess of $1 million just to move into a permanent facility. Our dream facility comes with a price tag far more. Not only do we need funds for a building, but we must also consider the costs of maintaining and running the museum, as well as maintaining, protecting and growing the collection.